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Minnesota chiropractor accused of raping patient was disciplined twice before, still has license

MINNEAPOLIS - a Minnesota chiropractor accused associated with sexually assaulting a individual continues to have an active license to rehearse and it is allowed to discover patients through the investigation, reports CBS Minnesota.

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2 years ago

For What Kinds Of Neck Pain Should I Seek Medical Attention?

Question: For the Purpose Kinds of Neck Pain Must I Seek Health-related Attention?

Answer: Neck pain is a common problem, and positively 1 that is a lot more widespread within patients who've had injuries to the head or perhaps read more...

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Could The Chiropractor Help Your TMJ?

I've talked many times within this weblog with regards to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Today, thanks to a patient or 2 over the particular most recent months, I want to chat regarding TMJ disorder as well as chiropractors.

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5 ways to drain your FSA

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) -

If you still have money in your flexible spending account, it's time to get cracking. Under most companies' plans, employees have until the end of the year to use their FSA dollars or lose th read more...